From: Alex Copeland
: 16 September 2011 16:30
Subject: Leeds Network
Importance: High


Louise & Bob


Thanks for your time and effort in the panel yesterday...I would like to give you some feedback and an indication of what we will be recommending to the EA Board following your presentation.


         The panel have recommend the total request with a little increase to take the total to 24,000

         This is based on the following changes being made:

o        Workshops which seemed athlete led are re-focused to ensure coach development is the primary focus;

o        Disability work which seemed athlete led are re-focused to ensure coach developed is the primary focus and inclusion into mainstream club activity;

o        Funding (1400) for School club link (Develop Schools Links with 'athletics/ Cross County competing schools') work is re-moved (application to CG electric pot) and this funding is re-profiled towards the implementation of Athletics 365 resources;

o        The additional 930 is put towards increased marketing and resource packs.


The panel felt the network has made huge strides forwards and want to congratulate all involved. However, they do ask that the focus continue to shift towards the needs of clubs with greater thought over the next six months on how clubs can improve structure, processes, induction process and volunteer recruitment to ensure the network has a lasting legacy.


The next stages is the recommendation will go to England Athletics Board, it is  hoped that the formal confirmation of the award will be provided next week


Hopefully this all makes sense, but if you do have any questions please give me a call to discuss...


Thanks again



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