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Thanks for your comments.
I have been asked to respond on behalf of RRLG/RunBritain - please forgive the length of this email but I felt it might be useful to set out some of the background behind the current initiative.
The Road Running Leadership Group ('RunBritain') has been tasked by UKA to overhaul management of all aspects of road running in the UK.
As part of this initiative the executive group (comprising elected, appointed and co-opted members) has tasked a series of smaller working groups to review and report on current arrangements and possible improvements to each of the key elements of the sport.  One of the prime motivations behind the estalishment of the group was a desire to set out a strategic framework for future development of the sport, in response to a perceived 'fragmentation' of existing groups and bodies. The composition & expertise within RunBritain reflects a significant desire and coming together across a number of interest groups - perhaps a unique opportunity - to effect positive change for the benefit of the sport as a whole.
It is envisaged that significant funding and investment will be available for improvements beneficial to the sport by 'ring-fencing' of the existing unattached levy solely for the benefit of road running, supplemented by new commercial income derived from the new RunBritain website. One of the current 'straplines' of the group is 'Investing in the future of road running'.
My own principle involvement is through the 'technical' working groups looking at medical standards, police/highways issues, licensing & standards, and officials. In each area we are keen to engage with & understand the needs of the various groups and bodies already working within the sport, seeking to build on good practice and support improvements wherever possible for the benefit of participants and organisers. We envisage that a series of consultation papers on these issues will be circulated widely within the sport, prior to the formulation of detailed proposals and action plans. 
The RunBritain exec group share many of your concerns - particularly the growing pressure on race organisers to deliver safe traffic management without pricing events off the highway.  We have discussed seeking a national concessus on highways access and police support for road races, however this seems unlikely in the current economic/political climate, and such an approach is also likely to prejudice a significant number of races currently enjoying extensive local authority and police support - without charge, or at minimal charge.
We are currently exploring options to support race organisers through updated best practice advice and a clearer safety code of practice for road races, possible advisory support for races in difficult negotiations with highways & police authorities, and even subsidised contractor schemes to offset the cost of new measures.  Alongside this we are also looking at measures to raise the profile of UKA licenced events in the minds of highways & police authorities through raised standardsmore effective licencing of races and an extended training/licencing scheme for key officials.  As a starting point a new initiative is being introduced this year to see races routinely scrutineered for compliance with licencstandards for the first time.
These issues will be 'distilled down' into a consultation paper, on which the comments of your group would be most welcome.  But in the meantime please feel free to come back to me on any point raised or if you have any thoughts on other issues which you feel should be included in the initial review.
Andrew Taylor
UKA Road Running Leadership Group / RunBritain
Tel : 01225 422165
Mobile : 0780 192 2401

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To: 'Mike Summers'
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Thank you for your very prompt reply.


I notice that the Road Running page is still showing the link to the survey, but when you click on it you just get the surveymonkey home page.  If you’re able to publicise it again, I’ll donate the $19.95 to reopen it for a further month (assuming you have someone available to process the additional replies).  Otherwise, I look forward to reading the results and feeding them back to LEAF.


Regarding the local authority / road closures issues, one of our LEAF members, Andrew Gardner of St. Theresa’s AC attended England Athletics AGM on 28 June 2008  “I was able to raise the question about the need for consistent standards from Local Authorities and Police regarding road races, during part of a discussion about road running. John Graves (Chairman) responded that the responsibilities for road closures would very soon be a matter entirely for Local Authorities and therefore this was something to be discussed with the Local Government Association. However, this was probably a matter beyond England Athletics alone, and a matter for UKA to discuss with Government, with the emphasis on facilitating road running from a general health aspect.”


Best regards




From: Mike Summers []
Sent: 01 December 2008 18:00
To: R K Jackson
Cc: Andrew Taylor; Mike Moss; Paul Moseley
Subject: RE: Road running update




Good to hear from you.


I take on board that the survey was not heavily promoted.  We will no doubt conduct further such surveys in the near future.


Copying my colleague Andrew Taylor for thoughts on the local authority side of things...


Best regards




From: R K Jackson []
Sent: 01 December 2008 00:33
To: Mike Summers
Cc: Andy Barber; 'Grey, Dan';; 'Nigel Rowe'; 'Geoff Wightman'; 'Mike Moss'; Paul Moseley
Subject: RE: Road running update

Hello Mike


Thank you for your update, I can see you are making a lot of progress.  In particular I look forward to the new website.


I am keen to send you some feedback, I could do it by replying to this email, or I could respond to the survey on the Road Running page of the England Athletics website.


Regarding the survey, I only came upon it by chance despite several ways that I might have heard about it


I wonder whether there are a lot of other people unaware.  I notice that the survey closes today (30 November) but I wonder whether you might ask for the date to be extended and then make people aware using your distribution list.


I will just say that the key concern of LEAF where we seek your support is to respond to the demands by local authorities for safety measures (road closures, safety barriers, signage, advance notification etc) which increase each year.  This year in Leeds, one established 10k road race became a trail race and another two races were only viable because the Council stepped in to pay the road closure costs.  In my personal opinion (and if you keep open the survey you may get opinions of other LEAF members) the local authorities seem to set their own standards; what we need is a national standard scoring system whereby race organizers would input numbers of runners, type of roads, traffic levels, number of intersections etc etc and the system would determine what safety measures were required.  If we can’t relax some of the criteria we will get to a point where races under 1000 or even 2000 runners are not viable unless run in parks or on sea-fronts.  Or the sponsorship money and grant money (your items 1 and 2) will go straight to pay for safety measures.


I’ll put the rest of my comments in the survey.


If you’d like to see the other concerns of LEAF and things we are doing to improve endurance running in Leeds, then please visit our website


Best regards


Bob Jackson


Chairman Valley Striders AC

Chairman Leeds Endurance Athletics Forum

Race director Meanwood Trail Race and Harewood Trail Race

Level 3 endurance official and occasional race referee

JogLeader coach

… and runner (3rd M55 at Thirsk 10 today)



From: Mike Summers []
Sent: 07 November 2008 15:53
Cc: Andy Barber; Grey, Dan;; Nigel Rowe; Geoff Wightman
Subject: Road running update


I just wanted to give you a brief update on England Athletics' and UK Athletics' plans for supporting road race organisers. I hope you find this useful.

1. The Road Running Leadership Group - now renamed simply "Run Britain" - has appointed a new Business Manager, Pierce O'Callaghan. Pierce is a former Communications Director for European Athletics and a former Events Manager of Scottish Athletics and is very keen to hear from anyone with suggestions for how this group can help.  Please feel free to contact Pierce on  

The key aim of Run Britain is to raise funds for investment in grass-roots road running projects to drive participation numbers, improve road race standards and raise performance standards. Therefore one of Pierce's key objectives will be to develop an income stream from sponsorship and other sources to enable us to do this most effectively.

2. We have a pot of grant money available for road race organisers, clubs, counties and regions to bid for. We are currently updating and clarifying the funding criteria to ensure this money is put to the best possible use and will announce more details in the near future.

3. We are in the process of finalising arrangements for launching an exciting new road running web-site, which will go live in partnership with a new sponsor in January. This new web-site will include a comprehensive race directory, guides for race organisers and lots of "news and views" on road running. More details to follow soon.

4. I am pleased to announce that we have negotiated access for each UK race organiser to a low-cost online race entry and competitor management system provided by our partners, IMG e-Commerce. With over five years of experience in providing entry systems to events in Europe and Australia, IMG e-Commerce have developed a low-cost entry system with extensive functionality that can reduce the costs of your entry systems. IMG e-Commerce will provide more details over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you would like further information, please contact Dan Grey of IMG e-Commerce on .

Please let me know if you have any questions or how else we can help.

Best regards

Mike Summers

England Athletics and Run Britain




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