Leeds Junior Clubs Virtual Races 2020

Based on a proposal from Salman Shamim of Pudsey and Bramley A C.


First races 6 and 7 June 2020


There were 6 clubs (47 runners) in the older age category (school years 7 and above) and 7 clubs (70 runners) in the younger age category (school years 6 and below)


Results for older age category: Individual Distances / Club Scores  (Excel files)

Results for younger age category: Individual Distances / Club Scores   (Excel files)


Trophies (real ones not virtual ones) (click on them for larger image)


Second races 11 and 12 July 2020


We have applied to British Athletics / RunBritain for a permit for our virtual race.


All entries must be via your club team manager.


The run must be between Saturday 11 July 6am and Sunday 12 July 6pm


Juniors in school years 6 and below record how far they run in 10 minutes; juniors school years 7 and above record how far they run in 15 minutes


Any route may be used

·         the route must not be predominantly downhill

·         laps are allowed, indeed laps are preferred as this makes for a safer route


The run should be timed and measured using a GPS watch (e.g. Garmin or Fitbit) or an app on a Smartphone (e.g. Strava).  If using an app that records moving time and total elapsed time, it is total elapsed time that should be reported


For those not having access to such technology, then just use a stopwatch as follows

·         Prior to the run, go onto a mapping website e.g. www.mapmyrun.com  and choose a lap in a park of between 500 and 800 metres then "measure" this using the app.

·         For the run, run laps until the watch goes past 10 (or 15) minutes, then complete the lap you are on, stopping your watch at the end of the extra part lap.

·         Send the lap length, number of laps run and total time to your team manager - they will calculate the distance run in 10 (or 15) minutes.


Safety rules and guidelines

·         the run must adhere to the current government Coronavirus guidelines on the date of the run

·         the route must be on a type of terrain on which the child has previous experience of running

·         the route for all but the oldest children must be traffic-free

·         whatever route is chosen, beware of pedestrians, dogs, bicycles and vehicles

·         the route for all but the oldest children must be in sight of the parent at all times

·         children running out-of-sight must carry “in-case-of-emergency” contact information

·         the run should be at a time of day when the route is not likely to be very busy

·         the parent should carry first aid


Send your result to your team manager by Sunday 12 July 9pm