Sent: 22 December 2008 11:43
Subject: Finances

Dear all,

Following the meeting held on Monday 15th December 2008, the following was suggested as an agreed way forward to allocating the funding available to the group:

Officials Course (Level ?)                1,000
Level 1 Coach Education                  720
Level 2 Coach Education                2,040
Jog Leaders                        1,400
Under 11's Sportshall Athletics          300
Community Club Competitions          500

Total                                5,960

There is currently 6,000 available (4,000 for this year and 2,000 that was unspent, or I have managed to secure from last year).

It was also proposed to look to book some of the coach education courses as 'closed' courses, so that we can get all the Leeds members onto them, rather than trying to allocate piece meal. The funding breakdown means that the LADG would offer the following:
Officials - 2 places to each Club
Level 1 - 1 place to each Club
Level 2 - 1 place to each Club
Jog Leaders - 2 places to each Club

I would be most grateful if you could look over the above and let me know if you have any reservations about allocating the funding to these areas. If you could let me know by Monday 5th January 2009, then I can put together an application form (similar to last time) and get this out to everyone.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Merry Christmas