From: Louise Purdy []
: 06 May 2011 11:25
Subject: Leeds Athletics Network


Leeds Athletics Network – clubs, council, further education, schools and race organisers


I am the new Network Co-ordinator for the Leeds Athletics Network [LAN]. 


On the 18th April we had a Leeds Athletics Network Meeting.  11 clubs attended from across Leeds along with representation from England Athletics [EA] and Leeds City Council. [Please see attached LAN Minutes]


In order to demonstrate to the sponsors of the group, McCain, and EA that the group has a positive impact on clubs a planning sessions was carried out at the meeting to devise projects that would be delivered in the summer. Projects around endurance and juniors were chosen.


Key Summer projects:

·         Juniors: Athletics 365 workshops, Junior Community Cup, Development of junior coaches (courses, workshops, flying coaches etc)       

·         Endurance: Run in Leeds, Development of endurance coaches (courses, workshops, flying coaches etc)


In order to deliver the summer projects above I need to find out the information below from each CLUB (by 14th May ideally);


1.       Are you interested in 365 Workshops / coaching pack? [see 365-leaflet’ attached]

YES/NO   -  if YES when?

2.       Would you like to help support the community cup and/or do you have juniors that would like to take part – we are looking for clubs to help and note that we also need a project leader ?!


If YES can you lead the project and help us organise this great junior event?

3.       What events (including junior events) do you have planned – is the attached Calendar of Events correct?

YES/NO - if NO give details?

4.       Are you interested in development courses? – see ‘courses available’ attached    NB these are not specifically for qualified coaches, they can be for anyone in your club for whom attending the course will give benefit to your club

Please mark how many members are interested against the specific course topic(s) and email back

5.       Can your club host any courses or workshops?

YES/NO   - if YES details?

When/where/times available?


Part of my coordination role will be to compile a Leeds Athletics Network Development Plan for year 2 start in September 2011.


In order to put together a development plan I would like to visit all the athletics clubs in Leeds over the next month to find out;

Ø       What’s important to your club

Ø       What support you need

Ø       What projects would benefit your club going into year 2 (i.e. from September 2011)


Ideally 30 minutes with the key/active club members/coaches/committee before or after a training session would be great.

Please let me know what time and where is best to meet you club.   


Thank you.



Louise Purdy

Leeds Athletic Network Coordinator  (part-time)

West Yorkshire Sport

Tel: 01484 234087

Mob: 07528 252 387