Leeds Athletics Network 2018


The first meeting for a year or two was held on 13 July 2018

         Click here for Agenda and Background

         Click here for Handout at meeting

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Leeds Athletics Network Meetings will be arranged

         September or October 2018 to discuss Communications including Social Media

         Later 2018 to discuss Membership Systems

         June 2019 to review 2018 and allocate funds for 2019/2020

         Others as required or requested


Northern Athletics

         Click here for N.A. funding booklet October 2017

         Click here for agenda for Northern Athletics Open Meeting November 2017 including changes to constitution

         Click here for Northern Athletics proposal November 2017

         Click here for Consultation Review February 2018

         Click here for Handout at 13 July LAN meeting about Northern Athletics

         Click here for request by Bob Jackson to amend registration scheme at Northern Athletics AGM November 2018

         Click here for Tony Wood and John Ward Facebook posts


England Athletics Club Forum at John Charles Centre 17 July 2018

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         Notes to follow