Leeds Athletics Network First Aid Workshops


Hello all
I have organised a First Aid Course for Network members on Tuesday January 28th at the LPSA club in Kirkstall, 6pm to 10 pm (though I can see if we could have a slightly later start if that would be more convenient. The venue is here:
Information about the course is here:
There are 15 places on the course and the cost will be approx 30 each if the course is full, though obviously with the various funding available to us the cost will hopefully go down. At the moment I'd like to concentrate on getting people booked on and getting all that sorted then we can sort out the finances. As spaces are relatively limited please think carefully about who you nominate from your club to attend, as in their involvement in coaching/training etc, do they receive first aid training at work etc. In due course I will be happy to organise another but just for now let us give priority to the most necessary volunteers. One step at a time! [Booking information at the foot of this page]

As Volunteer co-ordinator for the Network I would also like to know what else you would like, what support, training etc we could offer you and your volunteers, be they coaches or officials or whatever their role. In time I'd like to put together a list of needs and wants from Network members alongside a database of volunteers whom we could call upon, drawn from the local community, universities etc. Obviously we are very lucky to have a number of coaches and volunteers in situ at our clubs who play their own roles but I'd like to know how we can support our existing volunteers whilst also recognising any volunteer needs, long or short term, that we may have within our clubs. I'd really appreciate any feedback you may have for me.
Thanks for your time!

Jill Buckley
Secretary, Kirkstall Harriers
Volunteer Co-ordinator,
Leeds Athletic Network

Email: stoxy78@hotmail.com



Booking information (from Bob) - first come first served, book as many places as you want to stoxy78@hotmail.com but if oversubscribed on 31 Dec we will limit to 3 places per club. If undersubscribed on 31 Dec then no limit per club. Please note that you will need to make payment of 30 per person, then 15 will be refunded to everyone who attends.