Workshops for Coaches and Athletes


The Leeds Athletics Network provided a set of Coach and Athlete Workshops during 2012.


We may provide some more in Spring / early Summer 2015.


These are intended for

         coaching assistants,

         athletes who want to get onto the coaching path,

         athletes who want to pass on their experience to fellow club members, and

         athletes who want to improve their own performance.


More details to follow later.


We also provide First Aid courses for running club athletes and volunteers, particularly useful for coaches and race marshals.


Please enquire for details.



The following workshops took place in 2012/2013


Strength & Conditioning / Plyometrics Andy Cook


Andy Cook led Strength & Conditioning / Plyometrics sessions at Priesthorpe 7pm-8pm Wednesday evenings. 3 per session or 25 for 10 sessions. Click on link to PDF. Email Andy if you want more information


Drills and Injury Prevention Workshops Carnegie Physiotherapists


Carnegie Sports Physiotherapy Clinic provided Drills workshops and Injury Prevention workshops.


See a short video of Richard Strachan, GBR 400metre runner, demonstrating drills


How to get there:

          Link to small scale map of Headingley

          Link to large scale map showing Church Wood Avenue

          Link to map for parking follow the red dotted line and note that Indoor Sports Centre is immediately opposite the car park at the end of the red dotted line

          Or try these instructions from CSPC website


Click here for reviews of recent Drills & Injury Prevention workshops