Coach and Athlete Workshops – Reviews


Drills Workshop – 22 March


The first Drills workshop took place on Thursday 22 March starting at 8pm 


The session was led by Carnegie Physiotherapists Vicky Annis and Oli Williamson  and demonstrated by professional athletes Laura Weightman and Lois Rosindale.


Bob, from Leeds, advertised the session, saying “Having had Alison Rose and her team from Carnegie visit our club a couple of years ago, I unreservedly recommend this session.  Now, in many of our club sessions we follow a short jog with some of the drills before doing the reps”


Here’s some of what the participants said


Steve Dixon from Valley Striders said


Money well spent.
I was given some of these drills by the Carnegie physios last year to help correct a running action partly responsible for a knee injury.   They were very effective and I've tried to incorporate them into my warm up before a run (if I thought no one was watching!).
I attended the session last night hoping to add to these drills but soon realised that over time I'd lost the correct technique in those drills I was already familiar with. 
The demonstrations by the professional athletes were invaluable in helping me regain something like the correct action.

The combination of the two physios and the two athletes observing and helping you to adjust your faulty actions, where necessary, made for a very worthwhile evening at Carnegie.
I'd suggest that if other runners have picked up a few of these drills in the past they may be surprised by how far away from the correct form they are if they attend one of these sessions in the future.


Susie Goddard from Chapel Allerton Road Runners said


I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was very useful and that the drills could be very good for injury prevention and improving running form and speed if done regularly.   I’ll recommend them to others and think it was worth it (if for nothing else for the laugh with regards to how they looked as a group of zombies doing slow knee lift drills around the track!)

Jacky Darley from Wetherby Runners said


Just to say thankyou for organising the drills workshop.


I found the explanations and demonstrations by the physio's and athletes really clear,  Also the feedback when we were doing the drills was helpful.


In all, a great time, learned a lot (aching legs this morning!) and looking forward to the next one.


Wanda Macdonald from St Theresa’s AC rhymed


We arrived at the track on a Thursday night,

Noses red with the cold but eyes shining bright.

Two physios and two athletes to put us through our paces,

Will this really help us to go faster in races?

At first we shuffled, heel toe, heel toe,

After Lois and Laura had shown us how to go.

The physios watched us with their eagle eyes,

Whilst the floodlights shone down from the blackened skies.

Next we stood and raised our knees,

‘Don’t forget to keep everything at 90 degrees!’

Vicky instructed us whilst Oli coached,

I don’t think we are likely by the GB team to be poached!

We added a heel lift to our raised knee stance,

And like horses on parade, we began to prance.

Heads held high with limbs long and loose,

We’ll put these drills to very good use.

Last came the strides, heels to bum,

Look out rivals - here I come!

Ten flicks on the line then off down the track,

I for one will be coming back!


Injury Prevention Workshops – 4 & 12 April


Alison Rose, of Carnegie Sports Physiotherapy Clinic (CSPC), led the 2 Injury Prevention workshops.  Alison supports “On Camp with Kelly” and “Future Stars” projects and also is physio to Jess Ennis.


The session in one of the main halls at Leeds Met, starting at 7:30pm.  Meet 7:25pm in the Foyer of the Indoor Sports Centre. Cost is £8. There is a limit of 40 people per session.  If you’re attending Wear jogging tights or jogging bottoms, you will be lying on the floor for part of the session, also wear a few layers, the sports hall may be cold but you will get warmer as the evening goes on!


Here’s some of what the participants said


Wendy Chapman from Kippax Harriers went to the 4 April session


The injury prevention workshop

Run by the lovely Alison Rose

Taught us how muscles are connected

From the head down to the toes


We tried out lots of exercises

Working our quads, hamstrings and calves

Three sets of twenty five

That’s not doing things by halves!


Alison showed us how the foam roller

Can help to massage muscles so sore

If you want to stay fit and running

Then enrol and find out more!


Helen Swallow of St Theresa’s AC said


Just a quick email to thank you again for arranging another superb session with the Carnegie Sports people.  I really enjoyed learning some new ways of stretching and strengthening and also finding out how I've been doing some stretches wrong and with little benefit!