To all on the Club Contacts List for Leeds Athletics Network

Try the Track

I had an email on 29 January from Emma Hurst (England Athletics Club Support Officer for West Yorkshire). You may have received this too, but if you haven't, or if it is still unread in your inbox, it is worth a read.

It is an update on the "Try the Track" project that she/we started a couple of months ago.  Emma has arranged a Track Running session for Run Leaders & Coaches at Princess Mary Track on 2nd March 2019 from 10am -1pm with limited places, book ASAP if you have any interest in this.

This email also contains information about tracks in West Yorkshire and their availability, and information about track and field events that are open to all athletes.

NB if you missed the previous correspondence on "Try the Track", this is for road (and off-road) runners who want to try the track for training sessions and possibly for competition.

England Athletics Road Running Roadshow

Emma's email also mentions the Roadshow which will take place at Garforth on Tuesday 12 February.

Club Run

Also I had an email on 28 January from Charlotte Fisher (Road Running Manager for England Athletics).

We will soon be opening our next round of Club Run applications in the next 10 days and will be inviting affiliated road running clubs to submit applications to take part in the programme. Details will be updates at the link below. Please look out for further information on our website and in your e-bulletin The Record.

Several clubs in Leeds have taken advantage of Club Run in the last couple of years.

Charlotte also mentioned the Road Running Roadshow.

Leeds Race Series

The club participation award for 2018 has been won by Chapel Allerton Runners. We already have nearly 100 entries for Leeds Race Series 2019 and the calendar on the LAN website has been updated to show 7 parkrun events for February to April. The Junior Race Series for 2018/19 has 43 entries and entries are still open.

LAN Meeting

In our Meeting last July we talked about reconvening to discuss Communications including Social Media and the EA Membership System. If you have interest in a meeting to discuss these or have any other topic for discussion with the other clubs in Leeds, please let me know and I'll arrange something for March/April.

All clubs should now have received their cheques as part of the distribution of 5000.

LiRF Courses

At the LAN meeting , we also discussed holding a closed LiRF course for LiRFs (Run Leaders), but I've only had a couple of clubs ask about this. The mathematics is that if we hold a closed course but have less than (approximately) 18 delegates, it will cost more per delegate than if those delegates went to normal courses. So unless there is a huge demand for this it is probably better for clubs/delegates to make their own arrangements - they can then go when they are ready (rather than having to wait for the whole of Leeds) and choose a date that is convenient to them (rather than hoping that the date that Leeds choose will be suitable).


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