Year 2 Funding Approved


The most recent news is that the funding for October 2011 to October 2012 (“year 2”) has now been formally approved by England Athletics.  The total funding is £28,000, which covers a wide range of projects in Administration, Endurance (including Run England), Track & Field, Junior Athletics and Disability Athletics.


There are some new documents on the website, but since I’ve made a few changes to the organisation of the website, I’d better explain that next.


Website Structure


The website is still accessed at www.leedsathletics.net and you’ll see the usual front page.  But if you look at the index on the left hand side, you’ll see fewer items, and at the bottom, you’ll see a new item “Info for Members”.  Click this and a new “Members Area” index appears with all the “missing” items (at the bottom of this is “back to Main Page”).


The intention is that the home page will have items of interest to everyone so will have club lists, contact information race dates, Run Leeds group locations and contacts etc.  The Members Area will have the information for our club, race and other partner representatives.


Annual General Meeting


Louise will be issuing minutes of the meeting soon, in the meantime …


Louise & myself gave a presentation of the Year 2 plan – you’ll find it in the Members Area, under Plan and Status, in “Louise and Bob’s powerpoint presentation to the AGM”, or access directly at http://www.leedsathletics.net/LAN%20Year%202%20Plan%20AGM%20Presentation.ppt


We gave a summary of the organisation and activities of Year 1.  The accounts show that we have £4,235 remaining from our year 1 grant.


We then gave an outline of the areas of spend for year 2, totalling £28,235.  We also showed a proposed revised organisation structure.  This can be accessed directly at http://www.leedsathletics.net/LAN_Organisation.htm .  We will have the main LAN steering group which will meet every 4 months and 3 sub groups (Endurance, Run Leeds and Track & Field) each of which will also meet every 4 months.


We then moved on to election of officers for 2011/2012 as per the new organisation chart.


I did not seek re-election as Chair, wanting instead to concentrate on leading the Endurance projects, continuing with the admin of the website and doing some running.  Sara Birkinshaw volunteered to take over as Chair and was elected unanimously.  The full committee for 2011/2012 will be

·                     Network Chair – Sara Birkinshaw: sara@forallevents.co.uk

·                     Co-ordinator - Louise Purdy: louise.purdy@wysport.co.uk 

·                     Vice-chair - Bob Jackson: bob.jackson@virgin.net

·                     Treasurer – Paul Beresford

·                     CCSO - Lucy Birkenshaw: lbirkenshaw@englandathletics.org 

·                     Endurance sub-group (LEAF) – Bob Jackson

·                     Run Leeds sub-group - Holly Williams & Ray Rundle

·                     Track & Field sub-group – Martin Horbury

·                     Schools co-ordinator – to be appointed

·                     Volunteers co-ordinator – Jill Stocks

·                     Coaching co-ordinator – to be appointed

Endurance Sub-group (LEAF)


At and after the AGM there was a brief discussion of a project to start a Leeds Race Series in 2012.  The total scope is to be decided but it will ideally include all races in Leeds except the city centre races.


There will be a meeting of LEAF on Monday 7 November at 6:30pm at John Charles Centre.  All clubs and race organisers are invited to attend. 


The meeting will review all the Year 2 projects for the Endurance sub-group.  There is an Agenda and also a discussion paper about the Leeds Race Series on the website.  (Thanks to Fraser Weir and John Marshall for their contributions to date on this topic). 


Beginners and Improvers Groups


There is a new Sport England initiative to get new people into exercise once a week and running is seen to be one of the key areas.  Louise, Holly, Katy Elliott and myself have been to a meeting at West Yorkshire Sport to discuss this (there are some documents on our website in the “Recent Documents” section), and Sara, Louise, Katy and myself have had a further meeting including Mike Tomlinson.  We will keep you updated with progress but just to say that we’re not expecting the clubs to start lots of new running groups next year (but maybe a few!)


Recent Documents on the website


Sorry, I got a bit behind with this, but the “Recent Documents” page on the website has now been updated with

·         more coaching courses from Debbie Beresford

·         more officials courses (including risk assessment and traffic management courses) from Tina Beresford

·         winter endurance coaching workshops organised by Brian Scobie.

·         other coaching courses and workshops available from West Yorks Sport, Calderdale Network and South Yorks Network.


I think that’s it for now; I hope to see many of you on Monday 7 November