LAN Progress Report 4 February 2012




I hope many of you are coming to the next Leeds Athletics Network triannual meeting this Monday 6 February, 6:30pm in the Lecture Room at John Charles Centre.


The purpose of this email is, apart from a reminder, is to bring you up to date with progress with the Network and to point you at various documents on the website.


In particular, can I draw your attention to the “Run Yorkshire” project.  In summary we are planning to start up to 40 new running groups early April for the Run For All in July.  We know we can’t do that with existing leaders, nor just by expansion of “Run Leeds” to more clubs in the Network.  Therefore we need to identify 40 leaders who are able to lead 1 session a week or 4 leaders who are able to lead 10 sessions per week or somewhere in between.  As a matter of urgency, if you know of anyone who would be interested in leading between 5 and 10 sessions a week – PAID! – please let me know.  More details below.




Leeds Athletics Network


Year 2 Plan and Actions


Louise has updated the year 2 plan with red-amber-green status, the good news is that it’s mainly amber and green and there’s little red,


Note that the year 2 plan runs from 1 November 2011 to 31 October 2012. 


We have also had notification that England Athletics funding for Networks ceases on 31 March 2013, i.e. our year 3 will only be 5 months, therefore we need to work even harder and faster to be self-sufficient by this time.


General Club Organisation etc


Paul Beresford, John Marshall, Andrew Gardner and myself spent the first 15 minutes of our Endurance sub-group meeting discussing procedures for transferring athletes between clubs, and decided this should be one of the topics for one of the Committee Best Practice seminars that are included in the year 2 plan.  We’ll arrange such a session shortly.


Track & Field and Juniors sub-group


The first meeting of this sub-group was held in Wetherby on 14 December, led by Martin Horbury of Leeds City, with 4 other clubs represented, also attending were Shaun Mulhern (Leeds schools), Matt Barton (schools coach), Louise and myself.  The first half of the meeting was fact-finding, the second half initiated several of the year 2 projects.


Note the date of the Leeds Indoor Open is Saturday 18 February, closing date 13 February


There will be a “Try Athletics” Community Day in Leeds for juniors to try 365 etc, more information soon.


Endurance sub-group (LEAF)


·         Leeds Race Series


LEAF met in November primarily to discuss the Leeds Race Series. 


Information about the series is now on the LAN website as is an online entry form.  We have about 20 entries so far. 


May I remind race organisers that you need to put some wording and the Leeds Athletics Network logo on your race entry forms.  For the online entry form for Rothwell 10k, John Schofield has put a radio button to click to enter the Leeds Race Series.


·         Junior Races


Junior Race Series - I’d originally thought we’d start in September to coincide with the new school year, but Shaun Mulhern has emailed “I also need to talk to you about supporting your idea to develop a number of distance running events for young people across the city”.  We’ll discuss on Monday


Junior parkrun – Louise and I met Emma McKenzie-Hogg and Frazer Weir and they are proposing two “trial” junior parkruns at Hyde Park, one likely Saturday 3 March, the other Saturday 19 or 26 May.  Volunteers, runners and supporters will be required – will give you more details when available.


·         Other Endurance


In the next few weeks we will be arranging up some evening seminars on Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Strength & Conditioning to take place in March.


Andy Cook has set up a session at Priesthorpe every Wednesday 8pm-9pm – circuit training and plyometrics


Run Leeds sub group


·         Run Leeds


Although there are 11 Run leeds groups, some still have not registered with Run England.  Please do so.


Then can every group ask their runners to register as individuals with Run England; they will be asked to name the Run England group that they run with (and also the club if in addition they have joined the club).


Membership is free and benefits include 15% off Sunwise sunglasses, 25% off Run England T-shirts, £15 Sweatshop running shoe voucher, discounts at England Athletics online store, eRunner newsletter.


For each new member of Run England via one of our Run Leeds groups, we get £6.67, which we’ll then distribute back to the clubs in the form of subsidies for future courses.


In the year 2 plan we intended to get 300 new members i.e. get £2000 back to the clubs – by 3 methods:

·         Increase numbers at existing groups

·         Increase the number of groups run by clubs (i.e. more clubs having groups)

·         Start new groups in places of work (e.g. Asda, DHSS, NHS)


The first two will continue, the last one has been superseded, read on …


·         Run Yorkshire


West Yorkshire are one of several County Sports Partnerships who have been given funding for a Running Investment Project, but this doesn’t trip off the tongue as well as “Run Yorkshire”.


As part of the government’s project to get people doing 30 mins of exercise 3 times a week, West Yorks, North Yorks and Humberside have a target of getting 3250 new runners by March 2013.  Leeds quota is 800.  And the measure is that a group runs for a minimum of 13 weeks and members attend at least 9 of the sessions.


We believe we need to set up 60 groups. But we don’t need 60 new leaders for several reasons

·         Some groups will finish after 13 weeks so one leader could lead 3 groups over 39 weeks consecutively

·         Some group leaders could lead several groups – even up to 10 a week.  Clearly no-one would voluntarily do these, but could be on the basis of £1.50 or £2 per runner per session

·         There may be some continuing groups with just one leader e.g. the workplace group being led by an employee


The benefits that we can offer (out of the WY budget) are

·         LiRF course paid for – gives qualification and insurance

·         Free CRB (unless you’re doing it for employment)

·         Basic expenses for the first 13 weeks

·         We can help identify locations to host the groups (e.g. leisure centres, places of work, supermarkets),

·         We will provide regional advertising to bring people in

·         NB if the leader has a chosen location and/or can recruit members, all the better!

·         Part of a national Sportsmakers campaign

·         First step on the coaching path


We had a meeting yesterday, and are working with Run For All and their partner charities and one key local business to source many of the runners and also hopefully some of the leaders.  The Run For All Leeds 10k is Sunday 8 July so in order to deliver a 13 week course we need to start Monday 16 April at the latest (12 weeks before, 1 after).


But from an Athletics Network viewpoint, it would give better sustainability and a clearer route for runners to transfer to clubs if as many as possible of the leaders were club members.  Action required - at Monday’s meeting, we’ll discuss this and then ask clubs to ask their members whether any of them are interested in (a) leading several groups as a part-time job or (b) leading people in their workplace


·         LiRF Courses


We’ll be needing LiRF courses to support Run Leeds and Run Yorkshire and this will be required sooner rather than later.


One of our clubs has a Level 2 qualified coach who is supervising people to lead groups and two of these have received LiRF certification purely on the basis of on-the-job experience.  We’ll discuss whether this model can be used in other clubs.


Other Stuff on the Website (see “Latest documents”)


·         Course information from North of England EA, WY Sport etc

·         Indoor & open meetings – Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield etc

·         Are you ready – various Olympics links

·         Celebrating the Games – Talks and Lectures at Leeds University Jan-Mar 2012

·         WY Running Investment Project (Run Yorkshire) – various plans, minutes etc

·         And more …




Sportaid – from Brad Keir


Hi Bob


It’s Brad Keir ( Gemma’s dad, Leeds City ). For the past few year I’ve been a Governor for Sportsaid (Yorkshire and Humberside), this is voluntary and I help in fundraising .


We were wondering of the possibilities of obtaining a small amount from runs (entry), maybe this could be optional on the entry form . I was thinking some of the big races like Abbey Dash , Pudsey 10k etc , or even any other events.


I said you would probably be able to advise us on this as I knew you are well known for your organizing and commitment to running.


I told Rob Clarke (regional development manager) that I would contact you.and hope you might be able to help. Sportaid did say they could be able to do the admin.


If there was any chance you could find any time to contact Rob Clarke it would be fantastic . His email is or telephone 0113 2427627 


Many thanks



Marshals for Leeds Half Marathon 13 May – from Bob Jackson & Paul Beresford


I know Abbey Runners have supported the finish of the Leeds Half for many years.


But for the last 3 years, ever since the reinstatement of the Leeds Half which also led to the formation of LEAF, many of the endurance clubs have supported the Leeds Half by providing groups of marshals for sections of the route.


To those clubs who have done it before, are you able to do it again?  And are other clubs willing to provide between 5 and 15 marshals (however many you can).  Or just individuals?


Please contact Helen Wright


Coach to English National XC at Parliament Hill – 25 February


Hyde Park Harriers are considering organising a bus/coach


If you have members running at the National and would like to travel as a group, please contact Rick Pullan ASAP 


Fell Running LirF – from Graeme Woodward (Calderdale)


Please be aware that some of the leaders may opt to do the Fell / Off Road LiRF course ( same award, license & insurance but contextualised for off road) which isn't administered by Debbie as is delivred by the FRA on behalf of UKA eg of the 9 leaders identified in Calderdale so far , 8 will be doing the Fell LiRF. The next course will be in Mytholmroyd in Calderdale on the 28th April. Please forward any enquiries to me. More can be arranged to meet demand.

YVAA race at St Theresa’s – from Andrew Gardner


I have a request for assistance from other clubs within LAN.


STAC would like to host a race in the YVAA Grand Prix series, using the facilities and cross-country course at John Smeaton Leisure Centre, probably on a Sunday in mid-late October.


We are OK with most of what needs to be done (because it won't be that dissimilar to the PECO races we have hosted). However, we are looking for assistance with timing and recording the finish. If anyone with this experience (which none of us have) would be willing to help us, it would be much appreciated.