Leeds Endurance Athletics Forum - History


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How did LEAF come about?


Following the cancellation and then reinstatement of the Leeds Half Marathon for 2008, the scrutiny committee within Leeds City Council recommended that (a) the Council should set up a forum with local running clubs to discuss the Leeds Half Marathon and other events and (b) that the council should support local road races by advertising them on the Leeds Half Marathon website.


What are LEAF’s responsibilities? (2008-2010)


Prior to LEAF, there already existed the Leeds Athletics Development Group (LADG) which consisted of representatives of Leeds City Council Sports Development Department, the main track and field clubs within Leeds, Leeds Schools and England Athletics.  This met quarterly, was a forum for communication between these organizations, and also got together to write the Athletics section of the Leeds Sports Development 4-year plan.  There are similar organizations in all the metropolitan districts in West Yorkshire and indeed in the whole of Yorkshire.


LEAF is a forum for communication between all athletics clubs and race organizers in Leeds, focusing on endurance running (road, cross-country, trail, fell), but also reporting to and supporting LADG.


LEAF also communicates to the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Endurance Forum (YHREF) which consists of race permit secretaries, officials, race organizers and England Athletics.


Where is LEAF now? (2011)


Since October 2010, LEAF is represented by the “Endurance” activities of the Leeds Athletics Network.


There are unlikely to be any further meetings of LEAF but there may be meetings of club and/or race representatives to discuss specific projects, e.g.

·        Road closures

·        Race series

·        Purchasing consumables




21 April 2008 – LADG meeting  (click for minutes)


Discussion took place regarding how to include the endurance Clubs within the Development Group. It was decided to invite all endurance Clubs to a separate meeting prior to the next Development Group. There it would then be decided whether there is a need to continue to hold an ‘endurance sub group’ that can feed into the Development Group, or that all endurance Clubs should sit on the Development Group.

16 June 2008 - first meeting of LEAF  (click for minutes)


21 people attended – representing 11 running clubs, 1 race not organised by a running club, and Leeds City Council.


This agenda has formed the basis for subsequent discussions.


Thanks to Andrew Gardner for the acnonym “LEAF”!


27 June 2008 – meeting of Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Endurance Forum  (click for minutes)


It was said “LEAF … was an example of good practise that should be shared and replicated where possible”.


8 September 2008 - second meeting of LEAF  (click for minutes)


18 people attended – representing 10 running clubs (2 outside Leeds), 1 race not organised by a running club, England Athletics and Leeds City Council (including Leeds Athletics, Parks & Countryside, and Highways).


The meeting was to discuss some of the topics from the first meeting in more detail (in particular, event organisation).  It followed the same agenda as the first meeting, but not quite in the same sequence


Click for full notes from the second meeting


8 December 2008 – LEAF Progress report


Click for email to LEAF members sent 8 December 2008


12 January 2009 – YHREF Meeting  (click for minutes)

·        Yorkshire and Humberside Endurance Forum meets quarterly; last meeting was 12 January; not attended by England Athletics due to reorganization; Mike Moss issued a status report.


26 January 2009 – LADG Meeting  (click for minutes)

  • Grants for clubs for coaching and equipment released January 2009
  • Awaiting contact from Andy Lee (England Athletics) following reorganisation
  • Leeds 4 year plan issued in March 2008, will be revised during 2009


15 February 2009 – email to LEAF members


15 February 2009 – LEAF status (issued at meeting 2 March)


2 March 2009 - 3rd LEAF Meeting Minutes


27 April 2009 – LADG Meeting Minutes


29 June 2009 – 4th LEAF Meeting Minutes


July 2009 – LEAF Detailed Status


October 2009 – LEAF Status Summary (for LADG Meeting)


January 2010 – LEAF Status Summary (for LADG Meeting)


22 March 2010 – LEAF Agenda and Summary Status Report


22 March 2010 – 5th LEAF Meeting Minutes


26 Jul 2010 - LEAF Status July 2010 (for LADG meeting) (added 31 Jul 2010)


18 Oct 2010 - LEAF Status October 2010 (for LADG meeting) (added 19 Oct 2010)