Leeds Endurance Athletics Forum – Current Status


This page contains progress to July 2009,


Most recent LEAF Meeting was Monday 29 June 2009 6:30pm at John Charles Centre for Sport


Next LADG Meeting will be Monday 25 January 2010 6:30pm at John Charles Centre for Sport


RunBritain Roadshow was Wednesday 15 July 6:30pm at Northern Athletics offices, 7a Wellington Road East, Dewsbury, WF13 1HF  streetmap


Latest additions to this page/website are indicated with dates in red – last updated 12 July 2009


27 June 2009 - Status of LEAF activity  (does not yet include actions from 29 June meeting)



  • 4 year plan – evolving – LADG members asked to comment on 2009 activities see link (added 27 Jun 2009)

·         To promote facilities to potential athletics users and investigate the potential for Athletics / Running Clubs being based at the Leisure Centre

·         To develop and promote  training opportunities for groups to use the Indoor Athletics Centre

·         To develop local School – Club Link agreements that encourage the promotion and development of athletics by all stakeholders

·         To maintain and expand the number of Clubs who attain Club Mark.

·         To encourage all Clubs within the City to work together, to utilise experienced coaches and specialist facilities.

·         To encourage Road Running Clubs to join Track & Field Clubs on a 2nd Claim basis

·         To critically review the existing Club structure within the City

·         To ensure all Clubs cater for and attract disabled athletes

·         To prioritise coach education places for Club members and volunteers

·         To encourage the provision of Officiating courses within Club settings

·         To undertake audit of coaches within the City to ascertain quantity, qualifications, how often they coach, etc

·         To critically Review road races within the City, including the Leeds Half Marathon, Run for All, Great Student Run, Abbey Dash, etc (LEAF action)

·         To critically review the number of accessible summer and winter open meetings and encourage the development of more competitions for Leeds athletes

·         To establish new and existing links that will help further evolve the development of athletics in Leeds

  • LADG will formalize constitution in July 2009 – proposal that management board should be 16 in number including 10 representatives from athletics clubs and 1 from race organizers - LEAF representation to be discussed (added 27 Jun 2009)




Club Contact List

  • Has been updated, please check your details are correct (click for link) (updated 27 Jun 2009)


Club mark for Clubs without junior runners

  • Clubmark – a standard to work towards  (links below)
  • Pudsey Pacers are first LEAF club to start Clubmark. (added 15 Feb 2009)


Grants for coaches and equipment

  • In March 2009, funding was available from LADG – 50% of course costs – grant of £225 per club – clubs could apply for more subject to total budget. (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • Not all clubs took up their full allocation and all clubs received full request. (added 27 Jun 2009)


Coaching Courses

  • Jog Leaders course is most appropriate for endurance clubs was available up to March 2009.
  • Some clubs may still want conventional level 1 and level 2 courses.
  • Jog Leaders has now been re-branded “Leadership in Running Fitness”, and courses in North of England are available from September (Bingley 26/9, Stockport 10/10, Manchester Sportcity 7/11)  (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • LEAF need to consider whether to assist arranging course in Leeds e.g. at South Leeds  (added 27 Jun 2009)


Partnerships of clubs (Peter Rawnsley)

  • No consensus within Leeds clubs although 3 clubs in Bradford area have formed “Airedale Athletics” club for competition.
  • England Athletics have introduced “Athletics Networks” – partnerships of athletics clubs working in the community – see E.A. website for more details.


UK Athletics club registration

  • All club members will have had registration cards for April 2008 – March 2009 athletics year (with £5 Sweatshop voucher).
  • Clubs generally allow prospective members to trial for 3 to 4 weeks before asking them to join
  • St Theresa’s did not load members addresses onto website and expected cards to be sent to club secretary - did they get them?  (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • UKA advised that if new members join a club during February/March, they should be registered but no need to pay until new year starts on 1 April. (added 15 Feb 2009)
  • UKA rates for 2009/10 did not increase - £50 per club plus £5 per athlete. (added 15 Feb 2009)
  • Online registration for April 2009 – March 2010 was available from beginning of May  (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • Have any clubs received 2009 registration cards yet? (added 27 Jun 2009)


England Athletics Reorganisation

  • Paul Moseley will be meeting Andy Lee

UKA Rule Book

  • Andrew Gardner emailed June 2009 “Earlier this week we received a letter from UKA inviting suggestions for revisions to the rulebook; I think the deadline is late July. It might be worth putting this on the agenda. If local clubs do have any suggestions, it might carry more weight if they could be submitted collectively via LEAF/LADG.” (added 27 Jun 2009)


Publicity / Promotion




Race Diary and Contact List

  • Has been updated, please check your details are correct (click for link) (updated 27 Jun 2009)


Event Organisation


Police safety requirements / Highways / Costs

  • If road closures are needed, John Murphy can help negotiate with “Green Light”
  • No view yet whether Leeds Council will subsidise road closures for local races in 2009 (as happened in 2008)
  • Support required from UK Athletics for standards
  • Andrew Gardner attended England Athletics AGM on 27 June 2008  “I was able to raise the question about the need for consistent standards from Local Authorities and Police regarding road races, during part of a discussion about road running. John Graves (Chairman) responded that the responsibilities for road closures would very soon be a matter entirely for Local Authorities and therefore this was something to be discussed with the Local Government Association. However, this was probably a matter beyond England Athletics alone, and a matter for UKA to discuss with Government, with the emphasis on facilitating road running from a general health aspect.”  (added 8 Jul 2008)
  • Correspondence between Bob Jackson and Mike Summers & Andrew Taylor of UKA Road Running Leadership Group (Run Britain) – Andrew recommends a cautious  approach otherwise “it is likely to prejudice a significant number of races currently enjoying extensive local authority and police support - without charge, or at minimal charge” (added 8 Dec 2008)


Leeds Parks

  • Leeds Parks are introducing a policy from the start of 2009 which will be the same for every park with an administration change for all events and other charges will depend on resources required from Parks & Countryside
  • LEAF to be involved in negotiation of standard charges
  • Leeds Parks have requested more information.  (See Race Diary and Contact List)
  • Meeting between LEAF and Parks did not take place 15 Dec - to be rearranged.
  • As at June 2009, no charges have been made to race organizers for races in “smaller” parks and LCC countryside land. (added 27 Jun 2009)


Shared equipment (clock, PA, stakes, bibs etc) (see link below)

·        Please let me know if you have equipment that you can lend to other race organizers.


Grants for equipment

·        In March 2009, funding was available from LADG – providing allocation for coaching courses (see above) was not taken up  (added 27 Jun 2009)

·        Not sure whether any money was left over for equipment?  (added 27 Jun 2009)


Endurance Officials / Marshal accreditation

  • The interim procedures for accreditation have now been closed.
  • Funding was available from LADG for Officials Courses but no courses are currently available – further details to follow. (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • Shelley Quarin has emailed clubs asking for list of officials
  • Bob Foulkes forwarded email from Paula Gowing – Officials level 2 courses will be available from Autumn 2009 and in the meantime, officials should record their experience.  (added 27 Jun 2009)
  • UKA Endurance Officials Bulletin March 2009 – level 3 officials are required to have been on a Risk Assessment course – these will be available later in the year – contact Debbie Beresford to book – cost £10  (added 27 Jun 2009)


First Aid Cover

·        St John considerably more expensive than Red Cross (added 27 Jun 2009)

·        Contact details for Red Cross (thanks to Steven Horne) British Red Cross, Beech House, 333 Leeds Road, Idle, Bradford, BD10 9AB, Tel: 01274 620999, Contact: Linda Kaye, Service Manager, E-mail: lkaye@redcross.org.uk Tel Direct: 01274 659322 (added 27 Jun 2009)

·        Red Cross can provide first aid courses (added 27 Jun 2009)

·        Typical costs for St John are £32.50+VAT per first aider (up to 4 hours?) and £100+VAT for four-wheel drive vehicle (not ambulance) but this is subject to 50% discount if event is for charity. (added 27 Jun 2009)

·        First aid courses specific to athletics are available from Pete Robins but is he no longer be in the area? (added 27 Jun 2009)


Publicity / Promotion


Leeds Half Marathon 

  • 2009 event was on 10 May
  • Abbey Runners helped with start/finish; other local running clubs helped at relay handover points, and marshalling points (approximately ?? volunteers). (added 27 Jun 2009)