Leeds Race Series 2012


SUMMARY - Updated 7 February 2013


·         Leeds Race Series 2012

o   Series closed

o   Provisional results click here

o   Overall winners (provisional) are Peter Hopson and Rachael Pilling - congratulations

o   There are 16 others who provisionally have won age-group categories (shown in green on results)

o   Winners will be notified, presentations at 2013 Meanwood Valley Trail

o   Any queries please email bob.jackson@virgin.net




The Leeds Athletics Network Race Series 2012 was a “grand prix” style series of races including most races organized by Athletics Clubs in Leeds.


There were 18 races in the series, with distances varying from 1 mile to 10 miles, some road, some off-road.  


The 2012 Series was open to all residents of Leeds (within the Leeds City boundary) and, additionally, to all members of Athletics Clubs in Leeds. 


The 2012 was free to enter (other than you needed to pay the entry fee for each race!).  Registration for 2012 closed on 24 December 2012. 


Overall series category placings were be decided according to the best 8 race scores (completion of half of the events).  Age groups are according to the age at the start of the year 1 January.


Categories were overall man, overall woman, and men and women in 5 year categories 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc


Scoring system.  In each race,

·         1st man scores 1000, 2nd scores 999, 3rd scores 998 etc for overall award. 

·         1st woman scores 1000, 2nd scores 999, 3rd scores 998 etc for overall award. 

·         1st man in each age group scores 1000 etc for age-group award. 

·         1st woman in each age group scores 1000 etc for age-group award.


The cut-off date for entries to the 2012 Series was 25 December.  If a runner had completed a race or races in the Series prior to entering the Series, they would get points calculated retrospectively.  The consequence is that runners already in the Series may have seen their points go down during the year as more runners enter the Series.


You didn’t have to enter 8 races to take part – you could run as many as you can and see how you compared with other runners in your age-group!


We will be awarding little trophies to the overall male & female winners and the winners in each age-group.  Although previously we had said you needed to run 8 races to qualify, for 2012 we awarded the trophy if the leading points scorer had run at least 4 races.


All results / league tables were be published on the Leeds Athletics Network website.




·         For an Excel file of results and points, click here

·         If you’ve run a race in the Series and can’t see your points, it may be because the race organiser has spelt your name differently from how you have been registered with Leeds Race Series.  E.g. Bob/Robert, Mike/Michael, Jonathan/Jonathon.  Any problems, just email bob.jackson@virgin.net

·         Some people have entered the series but are not eligible in 2012 because they neither live in Leeds nor are members of a Leeds club.  These names have been added at the bottom and allocated scores as if they had been eligible – for information only.




The following races were in the 2012 series

·         Saturday 14 April - Meanwood Trail Race - Valley Striders www.valleystriders.org.uk

·         CANCELLED Monday 7 May - Rothwell 10k

·         Wednesday 30 May – Pudsey Pacers Post Hill 5k www.pudseypacers.com

·         Thursday 31 May - Apperley Bridge Canter - Horsforth Harriers www.horsforthharriers.co.uk

·         Wednesday 13 June - Otley 10 mile - Otley A C www.otleyac.org.uk

·         Tuesday 3 July – Jane Tomlinson Canal Race 5k at MethleyRothwell Harriers www.rothwellharriers.org.uk

·         Wednesday 4 July - John Lunn Hyde Park 5k - Leeds City AC entry form

·         Sunday 15 July - Eccup 10 mile - Abbey Runners www.abbeyrunners.co.uk

·         Sunday 22 July - Puma Pudsey 10k - Pudsey Pacers www.pudseypacers.com

·         Saturday 4 August - Round Hill Fell Race - Otley A C www.otleyac.org.uk

·         Wednesday 15 August - Hyde Park 1 mile races - Hyde Park Harriers www.hydeparkharriers.co.uk

·         Sunday 9 September - The Wetherby Run (10k) - Wetherby Runners www.wetherbyrunnersac.co.uk includes race in Junior Race Series

·         Saturday 15 September - Rombalds Romp Trail Race and Fell Race - Abbey Runners www.abbeyrunners.co.uk

·         Sunday 23 September - Kirkstall Trail Race - Kirkstall Harriers www.kirkstallharriers.org.uk includes race in Junior Race Series

·         Sunday 30 September - Horsforth 10k - Horsforth Harriers www.horsforthharriers.co.uk

·         Saturday 13 October - Hyde Park parkrun  www.parkrun.com

·         Sunday 28 October - Harewood 10 Mile Trail Race - Valley Striders www.valleystriders.org.uk  includes races in Junior Race Series

·         *** in junior series but not senior *** Sunday 18 November – Abbey Dash junior race 2km - The Junior 2km challenge starts at 9am on race day for 8-15 year olds. Call 0800 169 8787 to sign up with details of the entrant and a credit/debit card for the £6.00 entry fee. All finishers receive a medal and a chocolate bar.

·         Sunday 1 December – Roundhay Park parkrun

·         Wednesday 26 December - Chevin Chase from Aireborough Leisure Centre - Airecentre Pacers


Leeds Race Series 2012 was organised by and supported by clubs in the Leeds Athletics Network.