International Simultaneous Marathon

Report by   (October 2010)

The Simultaneous Marathon is an international competition linking teams of children from several cities across the World. Each city fields a team of 16 girls and 16 boys from the school year 7 age group who each run 6 or 7 times over 200m chasing the world marathon records set by Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gebrselassie.


In Leeds we are hoping to have a least 2 Teams competing.

Maratón Internacional Simultáneo

The date of the event is Tuesday 19th October 2010, starting at 11.00am and will be held at the John Charles Centre for Sport. The following is a list of teams that may be involved:

London (2 teams)
Birmingham (2 teams)
Manchester (2 teams; Manchester and Cheshire)
Leeds (2 teams)

Huddersfield (2 teams)
Lima, Peru
Kenya (Schools Group)
Toronto (2 teams)
Inuit Nations (Northern Canada)
West Virginia (USA)
New Zealand?