Run Leeds – are you a beginner or an improver?



1.    In the last year, have you run a 10k race in less than 70 minutes or a 5k race in less than 35 minutes – if yes, you’re an improver

2.    Do you run every week twice or more (on your own or with friends) and have you been doing this for more than a year?  If yes, you’re an Improver.

3.    Do you run once a week (on your own or with friends or on a treadmill) and do other active sports twice a week or more?  If yes, you’re an Improver.

4.    Are you able to walk fairly briskly for 30 minutes?  If no, then you should see your doctor before coming to one of our groups.

5.    If you’ve got here, then you are probably best to try a beginners group first.