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Run Leeds


In March 2011, there were already nearly 600 Run England groups around the country, but there was only one group in Leeds …


“Run Leeds” is the name we gave to 6 new “Run England” groups that started in the Leeds area at the end of March 2011.  These groups were supported by the Jane Tomlinson Run for All races, and the majority of members were training to compete in the Leeds 10k on 19 June 2011.


Run Leeds groups are led by athletics/running club runners who, unlike many Run England group leaders, do this voluntarily and receive no payment.  However most groups have a small session charge (typically £1 or £1.50) to pay for the facilities (changing, showers etc) and to include a small contribution to club funds.


Run Leeds groups are at various locations round Leeds, on various evenings.   They are at running club venues but at different times from the club sessions. There is absolutely no requirement (and no pressure) to join the running club.


For groups in this category click this link to see our full list of groups and look in particular for “Run Leeds @ Clubs”.


Spring/Summer 2012


As at May 2012 all groups are still open for new members – please enquire using the contact details in the table below or go to the Run England website to find your nearest Run Leeds group.


Many groups re-launched in April 2012, promoting a 13 week set of sessions in preparation for the Run For All (Jane Tomlinson) Leeds 10k on 8 July.


However all group leaders are sufficiently experienced to be able to bring new runners in at any time, and you can still join a group even if you aren’t running Run For All!



Run England

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: runenglandRun England say – “Regardless of your age, fitness level, aspiration, background, or location you can be a part of Run England and benefit from being a part of England’s running community. We are here to help and encourage more people to run, and to run more often.  So whatever you want to get from your running Run England is here to encourage and support you. (And to make sure we all have some fun with our running)!

For more information about Run in England, see





And now some history, if you are interested …


Run Leeds Spring 2011 - 28 March to 24 June


As most members were training for Leeds 10k, there was a common timetable

  • Week 1 (28 March to 1 April) – introductory session
  • Weeks 2-11 (4 April to 10 June) – training sessions to improve speed and endurance
  • Week 12 (13-17 June) – short session and training tips for Leeds 10k race
  • Week 13 (20-24 June) – review of race; what next


Run Leeds Summer 2011 - 27 June to September/October


Existing group members could continue with their groups, but following advertising at the Leeds 10k, many new members joined.


The number of groups increased from 6 to 11.


There were many 10k and similar distance races in September and October and each group nominated a race to train for, although not compulsory!


Run Leeds Autumn/Winter 2011/2012


All groups continued through the winter, with a variety of races to train for

·         Abbey Dash 10k in Leeds on 20 November

·         Brass Monkey half marathon in York on 22 January

·         Dewsbury 10k in February (postponed to March)

·         Leeds Run For All on 8 July

·         Weekly 5k parkruns at Woodhouse Moor, Roundhay, also in other towns e.g. Bradford, Harrogate, Pontefract

·         Or just keeping fit!


Run Leeds Spring/Summer 2012


A focus for many runners is Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k in Leeds on 8 July.


Many runners will use the 5k parkruns as a stepping stone, but for some, a 5k parkrun may be their main goal for the summer.


The more adventurous will be targeting the Great North Run in September.


There are also many lower key short races in the middle of the week over the summer.  See the page “Leeds Race Series” on this website for 16 races in the Leeds area!


Or just train to get fit and stay fit!


A typical schedule will be


First week


Introductory session.  Most groups not charging for this.

Meet the group leaders, hear about the planned sessions and look around the facilities.  15 minute walk, jog/walk or jog (depending on fitness)

There will be no obligation to join and new runners may want to try more than one group.

Training weeks


Sessions tailored to the experience of the group members and suitable for all abilities from new runners to those who have previously jogged or run a 10k.

If there are sufficient group members and group leaders then some of the time the group will split into “beginners” and “improvers”.

Advice on clothing and footwear.

Advice on training at other times of the week.

Pre-race week


Short training session, include tips on preparation for the race, what to eat and drink on race day etc.

Post-race week


Review experiences of the race

What do you want to do next?

·         hang up your shoes

·         continue to run socially with friends you’ve made in the group. 

·         continue to run with your group

·         maybe even join a running club!


Run Leeds Groups and Locations  (* = listed on Run England site)


For groups in this category click this link to see our full list of groups and look in particular for “Run Leeds @ Clubs”.


As you will see, the groups are on different days of the week, and also you will find that they may cater for slightly different levels of ability, so you may want to enquire to more than one group.


If you are interested in one of the groups, please email for information and to check there are vacancies.  Don’t risk being disappointed by turning up on the night and finding that the group is full!


Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All and the Jane Tomlinson appeal 


The Run for All series of three 10k races in Yorkshire is a major element of fundraising for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal was set up by a very determined Yorkshirewoman to help children's and cancer charities across Yorkshire, the UK and the globe.

Before her death in 2007 Jane Tomlinson CBE raised £1.85m through a series of incredible physical challenges.

Mike Tomlinson and his three children, Suzanne, Rebecca and Steven, now have set their sights on a £5 million target. With the generous help of Jane Tomlinson Appeal supporters, the £3 million raised to date is already being put to good use by those in need.

Please help the Jane Tomlinson Appeal to keep helping families in need.

Patrons and supporters of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal include Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE (four-time Olympic Gold Medallist), Nell McAndrew (sub 3:15 marathon runner), Steve Cram OBE (Olympic Silver Medallist), Chrissie Wellington (triple World Ironman Champion), and Tracey Morris (Olympic marathon runner from Leeds).

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The Leeds Athletics Network organises projects involving the running clubs, schools, universities, city council and charities in Leeds.


Here are the Leeds Clubs who will be supporting you.



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If you have an enquiry about a specific group, please contact the leader using the email addresses above.


If you have a general enquiry about Run Leeds, contact Bob Jackson,


If you have a general enquiry about Run England groups, see the Run England website