Run Leeds Leaders – frequently asked questions

FAQs for Leaders:

  1. Who can sign my CRB? A doctor, teacher, police, employer, club chair person
  2. How can I get my license a bit sooner? Contact Holly with your date of birth and she will get the number rather than waiting for the printing cycle
  3. How do I register my group? Log onto Run England, set up a new group
  4. How do runners register themselves? They need to log onto Run England and join
  5. How much can I charge? If you are setting up a group from a leisure centre you need to charge £2.50 per session and £1 for changing facilities. If you are setting one up away from a leisure centre you can decide the price, however a general guide is between 50p - £3, a good incentive to get runners doing 7/10 sessions is to charge £3 or 10 for £20
  6. How many sessions do runners need to do for me to get paid? 10
  7. What do I do if someone had an accident? Report it on the Run England leaders secure area (insurance details in your start up pack)
  8. Can I make changes on the website once my group is registered? Log onto Leaders secure area and fill out the 'group update' form. RE will verify your changes and inform you via email that the changes have been made.
  9. How much personal liability insurance do I have? £5,000,000 with a £250 excess on each claim (see insurance document in your start up pack) 
  10. I have a question that is not covered here, who can I ask? Email Holly on and she will try to answer your question, if she can't she will know how to find out.

For More Information contact – Holly Williams  or visit  & click on “Run Yorks / Humber”

Holly Williams, Run Yorkshire & Humber (Leeds) Coordinator, 0113 3930379, 07828 506 023