Run Leeds members – frequently asked questions

FAQs for Runners/members:

  1. Am I going to be too slow? No! Group leaders are trained to lead a group where some may only be able to walk for 1 minute, jog 1 minute for 20 minutes. 
  2. I want to run a 10K, will I be able to do it? Talk to your group leader, they will assess your ability, plan your running goals with you and help you get there
  3. I have a knee injury, can I run? You will need to get checked out by your GP, always err on the side of caution and get checked out if you have any physical ailments you're not sure about.
  4. How much are sessions? Session costs vary per leader but will be between 50p and £3, as your leader for how much they charge and if they offer any discounts.
  5. How long are the sessions? The groups usually meet for an hour, this includes a 10 min warm up, 20-30 minute aerobic (run/walk/jog/fun games/posture exercises) session and then 10 min cool down.
  6. What do I need to eat? Running takes energy and builds muscle, you need to refuel your body after exercise. Eating balanced meals including plenty of veg, carbohydrate (e.g. pasta, potatoes, rice), a little protein (e.g. lean meat, pulses, fish) and steering clear of hidden fats & sugars that can be found in cakes, take - away meals, fizzy drinks and confectionary can help give your body the nutrients it needs. 
  7. Where are the sessions? All over the city, have a look at the table below to find your nearest one.
  8. Can I take my children? The leaders are not insured to take sole responsibility of anyone under the age of 12, they also need an extra safeguarding policy if they take anyone aged 12-18 (which our leaders are not stipulated to do). Speak to your group leader, it may be they are happy for you to accompany your child as long as you stay with them, however, children have different social and sporting needs and these may be harder to meet in a predominantly adult session. Email to find out about junior sessions around Leeds.
  9. I have a question that is not covered here, who can I ask? Email Holly on and she will try to answer your question, if she can't she will know how to find out.

For More Information contact – Holly Williams  or visit  & click on “Run Yorks / Humber”

Holly Williams, Run Yorkshire & Humber (Leeds) Coordinator, 0113 3930379, 07828 506 023